Monday, July 27, 2009

Jennifer Jensen..

Today when I woke up I realized, I am so blessed. I have an amazing family, a great house, a boat, and most of all, I have the most amazing friend. Jennifer; i love you. You make me laugh more than anyone has. You listen to all my problems even though they are usually all the same. You laugh at my stupid jokes just to make me feel better. Your my best friend. Now that your 16 and soon to be too cool to hangout with me anymore I would like to say thanks.. and let me add some of our great memories,,

Sorry these were uploaded in the weirdest order..
and I couldn't upload all of our pictures or it would take forever.
But Jenny, thanks SO much for everything you have ever done for me.
Your the best friend ever(:
i love you so much..
summer 2oo9

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


the creww(:

truck ride

mitchelle and parkerr

harrison and karlee..

jenny..brad..karlee.. land of the lost(:

600 pennys!(:


first day boating!

laying out!(:

this summer has been amazing so far!
i cant wait for whats to come(:
thanks everyone for an awesome month of summer!